Monday, October 27, 2014

So you wanna be a leader . . . . .

 So you wanna be a leader . . . .  . or perhaps I should say, "So you find yourself leading".  True leaders can't help it, either they naturally without even meaning to, step into a roll of authority within a group or quickly those around them recognize leadership and ask them to serve  put them there! Keep in mind not everyone in leadership is a leader. There are many reasons people end up in leadership (but that is a whole post unto itself)!  The next few posts will be some truths I've learned (some the hard way) about leading.

1. When God says jump, JUMP!

Have you ever bungee jumped?  Me either.  But I can imagine standing at the top of the platform, wind  rushing at my face, legs barely holding me up as I peek over the edge, fighting the urge to throw up.  I would be checking every harness and safety measure time and time again and ultimately would probably need a push to actually get off that ledge. While I have no intention of bungee jumping, this is pretty much how I feel when God whispers a new plan into my heart and says, "Jump".

The first time I hear it, I ignore it.

The second time my reply is, "No thanks God, I don't want to jump today, or well . . . .  ever."

The third time I am ready for it. I've already prepared my list of reasons why I am not qualified, don't have time, and am generally just the wrong person to ask to make this jump.

But God is persistent, And eventually I am strapped into a harness peering over the edge of a platform trying not to throw up. But if I have learned anything up on that ledge, it's that God provides! When He has called you into that next step, that new jump, He will meet your needs.  He will surround you with the people you need, the vision to cast, the resources to succeed.  Remember it's His jump, He knows what He's doing and we are just along for the ride.

I am trying Jump more quickly these days  I have the advantage of remembering how faithful He has been.

So, I am trying not to argue quite as much.

Hoping my stomach and legs won't give out as I stand, toes just over the edge, on my platform.

I can trust my harness will work, the ride will be exhilarating, I will finish braver, wiser and knowing God in ways I didn't before.

Is He whispering to your heart?
Is He leading you to lead others?
Has He placed that burden on your heart?

Are you ready . . .JUMP!

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