Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Magic List

Summer is almost over and I just wanted to share that this summer I discovered the magic of lists.

  Not the kind of lists you make to remind yourselves of things (although I use the notes on my iPhone PLENTY for that).  I have lists titled : To Do at Work: To Do at Home, People to call, Ideas, Agendas, VBS, just about anything you can imagine I have listed.

I also don't mean the kind of list that keeps track of the books you have or want to read.
 I LOVE Goodreads app for that  . . . .  I am embarrassed to tell you the number of times I've brought a book home from the library, gotten a chapter in and realized I've read it already, grrrr.

No I am talking about the kind of list that makes a mothers heart happy  . . . . .
 the "Complete While I am at Work"list.

This is the first summer the girls have spent any time at home alone while I was at work *GASP* yes I left them home! Not everyday but two or three days a week. Kid  #1 is now officially old enough to babysit and I arrange my schedule to be home in time for the pool!

 Anyway . . . .

I have taken to leaving a note on the table when I head to work first thing in the morning.
 It looks something like . . .

It is lovely to come home and have these things done without arguement, without eye rolling, without huffing and puffing.

Now you will notice I have become specific.
 I must tell them to eat breakfast or when I get home at noon, they are STARVING.

 I learned that saying "unload the dishes" did not automatically lead to them load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes overflowing from the sink.

 I had to add that.

But hey .  . . it's a learning process right?

Ahh summer note how I will miss you when the bus comes to pick up my sweet girls in only seven short days. . . . . .

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